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宾得 Espio 115G 35 毫米胶片相机

宾得 Espio 115G 35 毫米胶片相机

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认识 Pent斧头 Espio 115G, 方便使用的 35mm紧凑变焦 相机,完美 对于两种摄影 新手和高手。也称为 IQZoom 115G,它是 Pent axe 著名的一部分 Espio/IQZoom 系列


✅ 用途广泛 38-115mm变焦 广角镜头 照片范围 机会
✅ 5点自动对焦 系统提供锐利、清晰的图像

✅ 快门速度 范围和灯泡 捕捉模式 运动和低光场景
✅ 自拍 集体照或 自画像
✅ 自动 胶片装载、前进和倒片
✅ 兼容 DX 编码 25 岁至 的电影 3200 ISO
✅ 供电 由单节 CR 2 电池供电,很好 约8卷 电影的

宾得 Espio 115G 旨在让您轻松拍摄高品质照片。无论您是摄影新手,还是正在寻找可靠的紧凑型相机的经验丰富的专业人士,宾得 Espio 115G 都是不错的选择。将这款卓越的相机添加到您的收藏中,让每一次拍摄都留下难忘的回忆。


化妆品评分: 4/5


胶片: 35mm(不含)

电池: CR2(不含)



We meticulously test and clean every camera to guarantee it functions flawlessly. Our grading system is focused solely on the camera's cosmetic state, offering you clear guidance for your selection.

Please note, the photos on our product pages are representative; the actual camera you receive might not be the exact one shown.

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Fair Condition

Cameras classified as "Fair" are fully functional and have been lovingly used. They may exhibit more pronounced signs of wear, such as noticeable discoloration, more significant wear on metal parts, and visible scratches. These cameras have character and stories, showing signs of their previous adventures. Despite their cosmetic imperfections, they continue to capture excellent photographs and function as intended.

Good Condition

Our "Good" condition cameras are a testament to gentle use and good care. While they may have some minor cosmetic wear, such as light scratches or slight discoloration on the body, these imperfections do not detract from the overall performance. These cameras strike a balance between showing some history and maintaining a clean appearance, making them a great choice for both use and display.

Excellent Condition

Cameras graded as "Excellent" are the jewels of our collection. They show minimal signs of use, with possibly the faintest marks only visible upon close inspection. These cameras are in superb cosmetic shape, almost indistinguishable from new. They are ideal for collectors and enthusiasts seeking a camera that combines flawless functionality with near-perfect aesthetics.


Our cameras range in age from a few years to several decades. While we pride ourselves on the quality and condition of our cameras, vintage items inherently come with a history. The grading system we use is a guide to help you understand the cosmetic condition of each camera. No matter the grade, rest assured that every camera has been rigorously tested to ensure it functions beautifully, capturing your moments just as you envisage.

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  • 保持相机清洁干燥:避免将相机暴露在湿气、污垢或灰尘中,否则可能会损坏镜头或内部组件。
  • 存放在阴凉、干燥的地方:保护您的相机免受极端温度和湿度的影响,否则可能会导致损坏或影响性能。
  • 小心搬运:避免掉落或碰撞相机,因为这可能会导致镜头或自动对焦系统出现故障或损坏。
  • 根据需要更换电池:监控电池寿命并在必要时更换电池,以确保最佳相机性能并避免电池泄漏。


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