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Pentax Espio 140 35mm Film Camera

Pentax Espio 140 35mm Film Camera

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Introducing the Pentax Espio 140, your ideal travel companion for capturing those fleeting moments with ease. This compact film camera is equipped with a high-quality 38-140mm zoom lens, ensuring you're prepared for any photographic opportunity. The built-in flash, automatic film advancement, and comprehensive automatic features make photography a breeze for enthusiasts and novices alike.

Key features:

✅ 38-140mm Zoom Lens for capturing everything from wide landscapes to detailed portraits
✅ Effortless film loading with an Automatic Film Advance Motor Winder
✅ Versatile Automatic Flash with a manual override option for creative control
✅ Panorama Mode for stunning wide-format images
✅ Precise Automatic Focusing and Exposing for optimal image quality
✅ Infinity Focus feature for capturing distant subjects clearly
✅ Film: 35mm (not included)
✅ Battery: CR123A (not included)

With the Pentax Espio 140, taking stunning photos is effortless, making it perfect for both experienced photographers and those just starting their photographic journey. Its compact design and reliable performance mean you can always have it at hand, ready to document your adventures.

Sample Image by: @meowdefilm

Condition Grading Guide

We meticulously test and clean every camera to guarantee it functions flawlessly. Our grading system is focused solely on the camera's cosmetic state, offering you clear guidance for your selection.

Please note, the photos on our product pages are representative; the actual camera you receive might not be the exact one shown.

Refer to our detailed grading system below to understand the cosmetic condition you can expect with your camera.

Fair Condition

Cameras classified as "Fair" are fully functional and have been lovingly used. They may exhibit more pronounced signs of wear, such as noticeable discoloration, more significant wear on metal parts, and visible scratches. These cameras have character and stories, showing signs of their previous adventures. Despite their cosmetic imperfections, they continue to capture excellent photographs and function as intended.

Good Condition

Our "Good" condition cameras are a testament to gentle use and good care. While they may have some minor cosmetic wear, such as light scratches or slight discoloration on the body, these imperfections do not detract from the overall performance. These cameras strike a balance between showing some history and maintaining a clean appearance, making them a great choice for both use and display.

Excellent Condition

Cameras graded as "Excellent" are the jewels of our collection. They show minimal signs of use, with possibly the faintest marks only visible upon close inspection. These cameras are in superb cosmetic shape, almost indistinguishable from new. They are ideal for collectors and enthusiasts seeking a camera that combines flawless functionality with near-perfect aesthetics.


Our cameras range in age from a few years to several decades. While we pride ourselves on the quality and condition of our cameras, vintage items inherently come with a history. The grading system we use is a guide to help you understand the cosmetic condition of each camera. No matter the grade, rest assured that every camera has been rigorously tested to ensure it functions beautifully, capturing your moments just as you envisage.

Shipping & Returns


At Camera Kangaroo, we understand that you're investing in a used film camera and we want to ensure you have the best possible experience. That's why we offer a 30-Day Defect-Free Guarantee for our used film cameras. More Info

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Care Instructions

  • Keep the camera clean and dry: Avoid exposing the camera to moisture, dirt, or dust, which could damage the lens or internal components.
  • Store in a cool, dry place: Protect your camera from extreme temperatures and humidity, which can cause damage or affect performance.
  • Handle with care: Avoid dropping or bumping the camera, as this can lead to malfunctions or damage to the lens or autofocus system.
  • Replace batteries as needed: Monitor battery life and replace them when necessary to ensure optimal camera performance and avoid battery leakage.
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30-Day Worry Free Guarantee

Shop with confidence, knowing that we've got your back. If your used film camera has mechanical or electronic defects within 30 days, we'll cover the return and find a suitable solution for you. Experience worry-free shopping at Camera Kangaroo.